Virus Removal Services

Viruses, Malwares, Spywares, Ransomwares are not the same eventhough they are all annoying to the computer and the user.

The virus can be silent working in the background collecting data such as passwords, data and personal information while hiding and not showing any sign about itself. Or it can run and make itself known by preventing you from running applications, displaying popups, redirecting you to a different website then you intended to, and making your computer slower than usual.

How to tell if you have a silent or stealth virus infection?

Figuring out if you have a stealth virus can be a bit tricky, especially that most antiviruses don’t see it unless they are up to date.  Also a lot of the symptoms may be caused by other computer issues, just not a virus.

Emails are being sent from your account without you knowing
Blue Screen Of Death
Computer will crash frequently
Random errors

On the other hand a malware or spyware will run on your computer and show as a fake antivirus or computer repair program asking you to buy the full version or call a number. It can also open in your internet browser and display a fake message that your computer has been locked and you need to call Microsoft support (FAKE) in order to get your computer fixed.


fake antivirus

These are real easy to identify. Usually these viruses will paralyse your system and block you from doing just about anything with your computer.  Here’s what to look for:

* A pop-up that resembles an antivirus program and tells you your computer is infected by hundreds or thousands of viruses. This is called a rogue antivirus application and is a VIRUS. You can’t even close it or use your computer. Also this application will download other similar applications in the background and you see shortcuts added on your desktop daily.
*  Any program you try to open is blocked from opening or nothing happens at all.
*   Clicking on a link when search from Google, Bing, or Yahoo takes you to completely different website: your browser will become hijacked and you cannot browse the internet. (Note that in some cases, one browser can still work even if another browser is hijacked)

These are viruses that affect the root of your hard drive and come back anytime you restart your computer even if you clean them. These can be removed and your computer will be back to normal. Rootkits can also restrict your internet access in some cases.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms call us at (586) 580-2863 to talk to our professionals or simply bring your computer for a fast, expert and affordable repair.

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