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Douglas Scott Wilson (Facebook) 5 star
Great customer service and expertise.
Danielle Dygert. (Facebook) 5 star
My iphone 4s has been through the washing machine and shattered to pieces and my laptop was crashed but Fadi fixed them good as new! Excellent service on a variety of technology.


I’ve used this place many times. Affordable prices and great service! Go check them out if you need anything.

Jenna X.


Hi Fadi,

I just wanted to thank you again for the quick turn-around on my computer repair. Everything is working beautifully again. When I got home last night everything downloaded perfectly and I am back in business.

Thank you again for all your help.





Fadi (store owner) was wonderful. I had a computer emergency that needed prompt care…I bumped over an open bottle of water causing it to spill a fair amount of water onto the key board of my laptop. I needed a quick fix and did not know where to go.

My main dilemma is always (especially in this case) time more than anything. Until finding Computers Pro Tech (I was referred to him by a co-worker who was having difficulties connecting his email account to our work server-He said Fadi did a very good job and that he would highly recommend him), I was unable to find a computer shop that was able to service my laptop without having to hold it for days or in some cases, even weeks (I have used and been to quite a few different computer repair shops over the years). Being that I use my laptop every day at my job, not having it for more than a few days can be very problematic.

Fadi not only serviced my laptop (took it apart, dried it out, put it back together, backed up all my information, scanned it for and removed viruses, reinstalled programs and software that were not working correctly, etc.) he had it back to me by the end of the next business day just as he said he would. Also, he was great to work with. He was kind, sincere, honest, didn’t make me feel stupid (even though I know little, beyond basic use, about computers), called me when he said he would and provided me with what I considered to be very fair prices for the services rendered (it was about $110 total for everything).

While these are all qualities we tend to expect out of anyone who provides us with a service, in my experience, this is not always the case. Fadi however, did deliver.

I will happily go back to Fadi any time I have a computer issue.

I highly recommend him.

-Scott D.

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