Apple MAC Repair – Utica, Sterling Heights, Shelby Township

At Computers Pro Tech, we also provide Mac repair service


Besides repairing and servicing Windows computers, we also offer services for Apple products. We strive to offer fast, efficient and cost effective solutions to all your MAC problems.

If your MacBook, iMac, or other Mac product is running slowly, crashing, having errors, or won’t boot up, we’re here to help. We’ll figure out the problem and do whatever it takes to make sure that it’s up and running in a timely manner and at low cost!
We specialize in Mac service, repair and support.

At Computers Pro Tech, we can quickly diagnose and fix almost any issue you may be having with your Mac—including:

  • Hardware problems, including hard drive crashes, memory faults, overheating, logic boards problems etc…
  • Assist you with your apple products in order to work together (file sharing and syncing, iCloud setup, etc…)
  • Software issues: MAC OS problems, installing new software, Virus Removal (and Yes! Mac gets viruses) etc…
  • Replacing broken LCD Screens

Give us a call at (586) 580-2863 for a quote, and visit us for free diagnostics

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