Computer and Laptop Problems: Windows Problems, Virus Removal, Data Recovery

Cost efficient in store and on site computer repair services

With one of the best trained computer repair staff in Macomb County, Computers Pro Tech has been the leader in computer repair for business and home user clients in the community. Outstanding customer service and the ability to repair virtually any machine or hand-held device, Computers Pro Tech offers up the best in customer service and satisfaction with attention to detail and a focus on getting your technology up and running quickly and with a minimum of hassle.

Computers Pro Tech offers you fast, professional, and courteous computer repair service in and around the Utica area. Whether you’re a MAC, a PC, or you’ve got a problem with your mobile device screen, Computers Pro Tech is here to help. With a friendly staff and fair pricing, Computers Pro Tech works hard to be Macomb County’s leader in computer repair. Stop in today or give us a call and find out why more and more people in Macomb County are making Computers Pro Tech their one stop computer repair store.

Free Diagnostics – Same Day Service

Is your computer not turning on or not booting? Is it slow? Is it acting funny? Did you get hit by a virus or malware? Did you delete your data by mistake?

Is your laptop not charging or powering up? Did you break the screen? You have missing keys? Spilled water, juice or coffee?

These are some problems anyone might face at anytime. No worries, we are here to help, just give us a call or stop by, we have the best solution at the best price.

You can also visit our Specials and Coupons page, where you can find daily deals, and coupons ready to download and print for even lower prices.

At Computers Pro Tech, we provide an affordable flat rate price for in-store repairs. This means, when you bring your computer for repair, we test the computer, then give you a FREE ESTIMATE, based on our diagnostic, explaining the issues with your computer, what needs to be done and what parts need to be replaced if any. You will know the cost for repair, no matter how many hours we have to work on it, and you can decide to fix it or not. Our policy is No Fix, No Cost.

Our in-store services cover any hardware or software problem you might have.

They include but are not limited to:

Computer (Laptops and Desktops) Support

Free computer checkup

Operating System (Microsoft Windows) Installation and Repair

Windows upgrade

Software troubleshooting

Viruses and Spywares removal

Anti-virus installation

Lost Data Recovery

Full Data Backup

Hardware Support

Build your own computer

Computer Upgrade

Replace Motherboard or/and CPU

Replace/Upgrade memory (RAM)

Replace Power Supply

Replace/Upgrade Hard Drive

Add Cards (Video Card, Sound Card, Network Card etc…)

Laptop Repair

Replace broken laptop screen

Replace DC Plug

Replace dead motherboard

Replace/Clean CPU fan

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows 2008 Server

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

Laptop repair

Your laptop is one of the hardest working pieces of technology you own. Offering you mobility and portable connectivity to your critical services, a laptop computer serves as your vital link to today’s technology. With all that hard work, it’s easy for your laptop to get damaged. When that happens, the team at Computers Pro Tech in Macomb County is there to help.

The fast, friendly, and knowledgeable technicians at Computers Pro Tech understand the complexities of laptop computer repair and will get your laptop system booted back up quickly.

Desktop repair

Desktop systems are the nerve center of many home and business computing systems. Powerful, complex, and less mobile than a laptop, your desktop system offers you more computing power at a relatively discounted price over your laptop. Easily configurable to take advantage of the latest technology in processing power, graphics displays, and networking interfaces, desktop systems bring unique challenges to repair centers.

Computers Pro Tech in Utica is able to work on your desktop system to upgrade or repair your desktop. Whether you use MAC, PC, Windows 7, or 8, Computers Pro Tech excels at desktop computer repair.

Virus removal and Spyware removal

Surfing the internet comes with hazards, and no hazard is worse than getting infected with a virus or spyware. Computers Pro Tech uses the latest technology to scan for and remove virus and spyware from your laptop or desktop system. Easy and effective, Computers Pro Tech’s virus and spyware removal tools will have you up and safe quickly and affordably.

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